Computer Music 125 – The Ultimate Guide to EQ and Techno eJay 4 on the disc!

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• Techno eJay 4

The full version of eJay's slick and easy-to-use music program for Windows PC is yours for free with CM125. Worth £9.99, Techno eJay 4 will have you banging out wicked techno tracks in no time at all, even if you've never tried your hand at music-making before!

• 2022 prog rock samples!

Catapult your compositions to heady new heights with our massive collection of progressive rock samples. Off-kilter guitar riffery, synth and organ noodlings, and sounds produced using piles of vintage analogue gear are all present and correct, and while you'll need to supply your own cape and inflatable props, you'll certainly find something here to tickle you Pink.

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: The Young Punx

The name might not be immediately familiar, but you'll almost certainly have heard the work of The Young Punx. In our video masterclass, band mastermind Hal Ritson demonstrates how he achieves the kind of super-slick production heard on their track

It Doesn't Stop

and their remix of De'Lacey's


, not to mention their deft use of Live on the stage.


• The Ultimate Guide to EQ

If your mixes are muddy, tinny or boomy, or just sound totally alien when heard next to professional tracks, it's probably due to equalisation issues. If you're yet to master the fine art of EQ, it can be difficult to know where to start, but with our comprehensive guide, you'll be dialling in the parametric EQ quicker than you can say 'bypass that band-pass bass boost'.

• The Mix Diet

Take the junk out of your mixes with our guide to streamlining your arrangements for greater impact and clarity. It really is true that less can be more, and our step-by-step guides reveal tactics for emphasising the most important elements of a track and arranging them concisely for maximum effect.

• The Heavy

Kelvin Swaby and Dan Taylor have enjoyed a whirlwind year of success with The Heavy, but did you know that their corking debut album was created almost entirely using nothing more than Logic on a MacBook Pro? They intend to keep it that way, too, making them ideal candidates for the CM interview.

• Other people's music

If you've got the skills, it can literally pay to put them to use by producing tracks for others. You'll need a little business acumen to go along with your musical skills, though, and to this end we get the lowdown direct from the professionals who make a living by creating tracks to order, composing music for adverts and remixing to spec.

• Reviewed!


MC Mix

• Audio Damage


• iZotope


• Digidesign


• Apple

MacBook Air

• Acoustica

Mixcraft 4


TubeFire 8



…and more


• £908GBP of Ableton software to be won, including the Ableton Suite

• Sampling order from chaos with organic sound design

• Guitar Lab: Salvage your takes with corrective editing

• Synth Essentials: Creating superb synthetic bells

• Off The Dial: Explore genres and splice them together

• The Easy Guide: Continuing our series on intervals with thirds

• Give It Away Now!: The best freeware we've seen this month

• The Burning Question: Why does music software take so long to develop?

• And much more!

The Young

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