BIMM summer schools set to rock

Kieron Pepper, Steve Barney and Mark Richardson are just some of the guest tutors at this year’s summer schools at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music.

The Ultimate Summer School (6-9 August) will focus on playing pop, indie, blues and funk, by acts such as Oasis, Bloc Party and The Killers.

The Kerrang! Metal Summer School (13-16 August) will focus on the heavier sounds of metal, punk and rock, studying and playing the styles of such bands as Metallica, Funeral For A Friend and Bullet For My Valentine.

The Highway To Hell Kerrang! Metal Summer School (18 August) which again focuses on heavier music, will see the metal tutors and guests on a double decker tour bus ride taking the metal to Nottingham’s Rock City.

All the summer schools are open to drummers, guitarists, bassists and singers – so make sure you tell your bandmates about them too! Each course offers the opportunity to study technical development and live performance skills under the supervision of the biggest names in music. The full list of drum tutor is as follows: Kieron Pepper, (The Prodigy), Steve Barney, (Sugababes/Annie Lennox), Mark Richarson, (Feeder), Jason Bowld, (Get Amped/Pitchshifter/This Is Menace), Vinnie Lammi, (Mel C), Hayley Cramer, (McQueen) and Memby Jago, (Ghost Of A Thousand).

For more information, or to book a place, contact BIMM on 01273 626666, email

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