NAMM 2008: Tascam DR-1 offers 24-bit recording

The DR-1 is just one of many portable recorders currently fighting for your buck.

New portable recorders are coming at us from all angles at the moment - Yamaha, Olympus and M-Audio are just three of the companies that have models on the way. We can now add Tascam to this list, for it's soon to be releasing the DR-1.

Shipping with a 1GB SD card, this pocket-sized device boasts a pair of microphones that can be angled as you wish. WAV and MP3 recording is supported, while the maximum resolution is 24-bit/48kHz.

The DR-1 features an auto gain control and has built-in analogue limiting. A low-cut filter is in place to help you eliminate noise, and there's an overdub feature that enables you to record over the top of an existing recording.

Connection to your computer is over USB 2.0 and power comes from a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.

The DR-1 costs $299. Full specs are available on the Tascam website.