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NAMM 2008: Yamaha's high-quality portable recorder

The Pocketrak 2G is slim and lightweight
The Pocketrak 2G is slim and lightweight

NAMM 2008 sees Yamaha announce the Pocketrak 2G Portable Digital Audio Recorder, a compact pocket recorder featuring 2GB of built-in flash memory, USB file transfer and a stereo 'tilt-up' mic.

The unit weighs only 49grams, and at 13mm thick, the Pocketrak is ideal for quickly recording rehearsals, or for getting down ideas when you're on the move. File formats on offer range from 32kbps mono MP3 to CD-quality PCM, and, if plugged-in, the 2GB capacity facilitates an impressive 35 hours of continuous recording in standard 128kbps MP3 mode. Unplugged, the battery lasts up to 9 hours.

The Pocketrak boasts a stereo microphone with a 'tilt-up' function, which allows you to tilt the mic to avoid surface reflections if the recorder is lying on a table. Other practical features include a loudspeaker, a line input, and automatic record level control (although record level can also be set manually).

The Pocketrak 2G comes bundled with Cubase AI4, and will ship in April 2008 for £249.