5 iPhone music-making apps we want to see

GarageBand on your mobile, anyone?

Reason on iPhone
Reason for iPhone: if they build it, we will come.

With the announcement this week that AudioRealism is set to release technoBox for the iPhone/iPod touch came confirmation that 'proper' music software companies are now taking the platform very seriously.

This got us to thinking: which existing Mac music-making applications would we most like to see make the jump to Apple's mobile device?

We came up with the following list. Not being developers, we've no idea whether any of our suggestions would be technically viable, but they'd certainly be extremely popular.

1. Propellerhead Reason
The Roland 303, 808 and 909 aping technoBox looks like it could be 'ReBirth for the iPhone', so why not bring that software's successor over to the device? We know we're asking a lot with this one, but in its vertical orientation, the iPhone's screen would host the Reason rack very nicely. What's more, connecting patch cords with our fingers sounds like a great idea.

2. Native Instruments Traktor
The release of Touch Mix has shown that it's possible to create a DJing app for the iPhone: now we want NI to shrink its Traktor technology down to pocket size. Getting the interface right would be crucial, but the facility to mix all the music that's stored on their mobile is one that a lot of people would love to have.

3. Sonic Charge Synplant
This innovative plug-in synth lets you grow sounds rather than simply program them, taking what its developers call a "genetic approach" to sound design. Its graphic-led interface could work brilliantly on the iPhone – you'd be able to drag out the sonic branches using your fingers – and it's already the right shape to fit onto Apple's handheld. If this isn't in development, it should be.


4. Apple GarageBand
OK, this is a bit of a long shot – Apple doesn't actually make many iPhone apps of its own – but a 'micro' edition of GarageBand that featured basic recording functionality and a few playable software instruments would surely be a big hit. Compatibility with the standard version, so that you could start songs on the move and then transfer them to your computer for completion later on, would be the icing on the cake.

5. Antares Auto-Tune
It's the most talked-about effect of the moment (in fact, it's the most talked-about effect ever) so why not give iPhone users the opportunity to robotise their voices? It's not an unreasonable question – in fact, T-Pain, who considers himself to be something of an Auto-Tune oracle, has already announced that he's helping with the development of a version that will be sold in the App Store. We haven't yet had official confirmation that it's coming, though.