Roland 303, 909 and 808 in one iPhone app

Your iPhone might soon be a techno production powerhouse.
Your iPhone might soon be a techno production powerhouse.

Plug-in developer AudioRealism has revealed that it's working on technoBox, a new iPhone app that emulates Roland's legendary TB-303 Bassline synth and TR-909/808 drum machines.

The software also comes with sequencing capabilities, so should enable you to create complete productions. Indeed, this looks like it could be akin to ReBirth for the mobile marketplace.

The synth engine is said to be the same as the one in AudioRealism's Bass Line2 plug-in, so hopefully, it'll deliver the sonic goods. You can choose both 909 and 808 sounds for the drum module (up to 22 in total).

"This looks like it could be ReBirth for the mobile marketplace."

You can use up to 24 patterns per session, while the pattern sequencer can run to 1000 bars. The display automatically shifts to your preferred landscape orientation and multi-touch is supported for the knobs.

Thanks to the high-contrast GUI, technoBox is even said to be suitable for use in a club environment.

AudioRealism's website states that the software is coming soon to the App Store, and we can't wait. We have a suspicion that this could be the tool to kick-start serious music-making on the iPhone/iPod touch, but for now, we'll have to make do with these preview videos.

Ben Rogerson

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