Working piano carefully abandoned in woods

If a piano plays by itself in the woods when there's no one else around does it really make a sound?

A fully-functioning Baldwin Acrosonic piano has been found in the middle of a woodland conservational area in Harwich, Massachusetts. The instrument was discovered by a lady walking down a trail, next to which was a matching stool, set-up and ready to play.

It took several police officers to move it into storage, which suggests that - unlike an unceremoniously-dumped mouldy sofa - the piano was carefully placed by more than one person. The keys are in tune too, and local authorities are - quite understandably - perplexed.

Ignoring the possibility of free-spirited folk having some sort of piano rave in the woods, we've come to the only possible conclusion. The Raconteurs left it there by mistake while filming the video to new single Old Enough.

Seriously, though, if you live in Massachusetts and you've misplaced a Baldwin Acrosonic, model number 987, serial number 733746, you might want to explain yourself.

(Via: Boing Boing)