Nine Inch Nails' iPhone app approaches

Trent Reznor

Nine Inch Nails' mainman, perennial Twitter-list topper and all-round online trailblazer Trent Reznor is at it again: this time with an iPhone app.

Following last year's Tapulous game, Reznor's app is "a mobile window on all things NIN: music, photos, videos, message boards, even - thanks to a GPS-enabled feature called Nearby - the fans themselves."

The Nearby feature is one of the main talking points, which Trent's long-time designer mastermind Rob Sheridan describes as: "kind of like Twitter within the Nine Inch Nails network."

Wired are hosting a video of Reznor, Sheridan and Digg-founder Kevin Rose discussing the app's functions and possibilities. It's a long video, but then again with both Reznor and proclaimed internet guru Kevin Rose involved, there's a lot of 'functions and possibilities' to discuss.

NIN iphone app

NIN iphone app

NIN's app is free, and should be available to download very soon.