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Nine Inch Nails land iPhone game

Trent's all about the games
Trent's all about the games

When we think Nine Inch Nails, we naturally think fun, good times and games - iPhone games, specifically. And that's perfect, because the popular Tap Rap Revenge iPhone game is getting the Nine Inch Nails treatment.

Tap Tap Revenge, which is pretty much iPhone's answer to Guitar Hero, has taken finger-twitchers by storm, and it's going to be even hotter once the folks at Tapulous load some NIN-styled fun into it.

The game will reportedly feature 16 tracks culled from Nine Inch Nail's latest, The Slip, and this past spring's massive instrumental offering, GhostsI-IV.While there may not be any old-school March Of The Pigs of Head Like A Hole, big-time entertainment is guaranteed for all.

Best of all, the game is a steal at $4.99. "As far as we know, this is the first significant music partnership of its kind for the iPhone," Tapulous said.