14 essential Roland TR-808 tips

Roland TR-808

To celebrate #808day, we have drawn together a lovely list of TR-808 -themed tutorials for you.

Whether you want to get the most out of your kicks or use it to create new sounds, here's a collection of the best tips for one of the world's most iconic drum machines.

How to build a trap-style TR-808 kick-bass

The kick drum sound from Roland's legendary drum machine makes for a superb bass source, as this sub-heavy genre demonstrates…

6 creative 808 and 909 tuning tips

Using classic x0x drums for melodic and tuned elements.

4 ways to process a Roland TR-808 bass drum

Don't let your 808 get lost in the mix.

Lynx shows you how to create distorted DnB 808 bass

The Hospital star shows us how to make a beefy bass sound, and it turns out 'the Lynx effect' is FabFilter Saturn.

How to create punchy hip-hop 808 bass

Replicate a classic thumping bass sound.

How to make a Juke-style pitched 808 kick pattern

Create hyperactive footwork rhythms in Ableton Live.

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