WIN a Sparrow Big Daddy Ace!

Your chance to win the daddio of rock ´n´ roll geetars!

Sparrow guitar

Sparrow ( is owned by Billy Bones, a punk rock fan with a penchant for all things rock ´n´ roll who has already become a huge hit among bands such as Anti-Flag, The Aggrolites and Street Dogs.

If flaming dice, hot-rodded V8s and slamming guitars get your swirl kickin´ then Sparrow´s models are for you.

This month we´ve cajoled UK distributor The Music Force into giving away a Big Daddy Ace model that retails at £899.

This larger than life semi-acoustic is top of the Big Daddy series, featuring Kent Armstrong pickups and a genuine Bigsby vintage-style vibrato. The lucky winner will receive the guitar in a striking, handpainted Clockwork Orange finish.

To enter the competition click HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Under 18s must obtain parental consent to enter this competition and be able to demonstrate this to Total Guitar's reasonable satisfaction