TG194: 'Play Guitar Today' Special On Sale Now!

Total Guitar

's November issue is on sale in stores NOW with loads of incredible tab and practical features to help you play better.

At the core of TG194 is our massive Play Guitar Today! extravaganza, with advice from some of the world´s biggest guitar stars on how you can go about improving your playing skills.

These include:

Chris Cornell on acoustic songwriting!

Slipknot´s Mick Thompson on metal guitar for beginners!

Whitesnake´s Doug Aldrich on improving your lead playing and stretches!

How to lock in with the drums and bass with prog gods Dream Theater!

Combining rhythm and lead playing with Billy Talent´s Ian D´Sa!

How to max your effects potential with the guitarists from Pendulum, Enter Shikari and The Prodigy!

Acoustic whizzkid Newton Faulkner talks less percussion and more confidence on his second album ‘Rebuilt By Humans´, and virtuoso Steve Vai gets forensic and helps you find your own unique style.

We also show you how to write single note rock riffs using the minor pentatonic scale.

Within the pages Europe's biggest selling guitar mag there is something for everyone, from blues, blues, funk and reggae to rock, metal and punk. It's the only magazine dedicated to making you the best player you can be!

Plus there's loads of awesome tab including the guitar classic ‘Sweet Home Alabama´ by Lynyrd Skynyrd, the brutal riff from Slayer's ‘Raining Blood´ and Jason Mraz´s gorgeous 'I´m Yours'.

You can also learn how to play our EXCLUSIVE Riff Of The Month - stadium gods Coldplays´ new single 'Strawberry Swing.'

Also in this issue, we group test signature guitars under £500 and preview the new Fender Road Worn 50s Strat in our industry leading gear section.

We also profile prog wizard John Petrucci´s incredible alternate picking style and answer all your technique and theory questions in our Q&A section.

And our experts show you how to master Radiohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood's inspiring sounds and techniques, along with with advice from Firewind's shred guru Gus G, and TG´s new acoustic tutor Tommy Emmanuel shows you how to alternate bass grooves using a few simple chords.

Also tabbed this issue:

Strum along to REM´s 'Drive.´

Billy Talent´s 'Rusted From The Rain'

Learn how to play FIVE classic Iron Maiden riffs from ‘Run To The Hills´ to ‘Running Free´

Stick the CD in your stereo or computer, listen to the audio lessons and play along with the backing tracks!

Along with our exclusive regular video lessons with Mr Big´s Paul Gilbert, and advice on how to keep your axe in tip top shape in Ed's Shed, it makes a pretty tasty package for £4.99!

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