Yamaha announces DTX events



The folks at Yamaha have announced a series of events taking place over the summer to allow drummers to get to grips with their latest raft of drum goodies.

By getting yourself to one of the shows, you'll be able to get your hands on Yamaha's DTX electronic kits and watch demonstrations of the equipment in action. The action kicks off on 29 June and run throughout July, the perfect antidote for those looking to fill their days once the World Cup winds down, perhaps?

Simon Edgoose, one of Yamaha's expert demonstrators, said: "There have been so many fresh new DTX products released this year. The new DTX-PAD design feels fantastic to play and has brought electronic drums into a new era, however the depth of these products is so much more than just the new DTX-PAD and I can't wait to show the full potential of these amazing new products at these events."

Here's the full list of the Yamaha DTX events taking place this summer:

29 June - PMT Bristol
5 July - Drum Stop Sheffield
6 July - Manchester Drum
12 July - Music and Print Salisbury
13 July - GG Digital
14 July - Naas Drum Centre
15 July - GAK at BIMM
18 July - Lincoln Drum Centre
24 and 25 July - PMT Birmingham
26 July - Chappell of Bond Street

For more information check out www.yamaha.com/drums

Rich Chamberlain

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