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Jojo Mayer has joined the Evans roster. The technical master is now using Evans G-plus, Hydraulic Black and Hydraulic Glass tom heads, Hybrid Coated snare batter heads and Hazy 300 snare side heads.

Marco Soccoli, Director of Artist Relations for Evans, said: "JoJo Mayer's point of view on music and drumming are unparalleled. We're excited he's chosen Evans to take his career to the next level, and we extend the warmest welcome to our family."

Beatles fans rejoice, because Ringo Starr has launched a competition to win a pair of signed drumsticks.

The Beatle, who famously announced he would no longer sign memorabilia sent to him after finding a wealth of said items on eBay, will send the signed sticks to the person with the best photo taken on the most recent Ringo All Star Band tour. Visit for more info.

The folks at Korg and Vic Firth have joined forces to offer a new deal for anyone buying a black Wavedrum before 30 November. Get yourself one of the percussion synthesisers before that date and you can pick up a Vic Firth pack (worth more than £60) for free. Check out for further details.

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