Nicko McBrain and Premier to launch 'smashing' new kits



© Jody Cortes/Sygma/Corbis

Excited by the news that Premier are rolling out Nicko McBrain signature kits? Us too. Take a look below to see what the Iron Maiden drummer has to say about them.

At last week's Frankfurt Musikesse Premier announced production of the Maiden man's kits, with a host of Nicko inspired sets and snares to launch in September.

On the kits, Nicko had this to say: "On many occasions we have talked about making available replicas of my touring kits, following a host of requests from many people and fans as to how they get their hands on one. We have also talked about designing and manufacturing a line of starter kits for all you up-and-coming, young or old stars in the making, whether you're into Maiden or not.

"So, it is with immense pride and passion that I can announce this has finally come to fruition. We have a smashing new selection of custom kits, custom snare drums and spare parts that I hope all you drummers (or budding drummers) will like, regardless of how long you've been playing. Just remember, hit 'em hard!"

Rich Chamberlain

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