A Halloween message from CustomSkins.co.uk

The guys over at CustomSkins.co.uk have been in touch today with an update on their latest project and to tell us about a special Halloween offer they are running. Get in quick, the offer runs out at 6pm today! Read what they have to say below:

Yes, it's Halloween, which seems like a good excuse for a mailout, and perhaps a scarily good special offer. But before we get to the juicy main course let me update you on a few recent happenings at customskins.co.uk.

Yes, everyone knows that when it comes to customising your kit customskins.co.uk is king (try saying that ten times quickly). The good news is, though, that now we're even kinger thanks to a whole load of new finishes we can offer, including Silver Sparkle, Diamond Plate and Brushed Aluminium. Industrial. These finishes are really eyecatching, so why not give one a go? Check them out HERE. We're also offering clear heads as a standard product if you need to keep an eye on what's going on in your bass drum. In fact, there's quite a lot of new stuff all over customskins.co.uk so take a look when you get a moment.

That's right kids, you no longer have to talk to me if you want a drum skin. Brilliant! We now have a little online ordery widget which allows you to choose your head size, add mic hole, reinforcers, upload your artwork and all sorts. Check it out HERE. Oooh, and we've introduced a special rush order thingy, for when you've just found out your band's got a last minute support gig at Wembley Stadium (and money is no object, of course). We'll make your drum head and get it to you within 2 working days. Sweet!

As usual we've been printing loads of heads for all of the biggest and smallest names in rock. Kaiser Chiefs have a new record out and some new drumskins from customskins.co.uk (HERE), Razorlight welcome you to the Razorlight Arms - Johnny Borrell was so excited by his new drum heads he had a seizure (HERE). Snow Patrol had some nice heads done with origami on, which looked pretty hot but unfortunately I can't find any pics of them so you'll just have to use your imagination.

To celebrate the launch of our lovely new finishes we're having a special Sparkly Halloween Friday Special! What in hell is that? Well, order a drum head today and we'll add the Silver Sparkle finish for free, so you'll just pay the price of a standard head! Free sparkle - how cool is that?!

In order to take us up on this offer just email your artwork over, state you're taking us up on our Sparkly Halloween Friday Special, and we'll sort it out from there. The offer ends at 6pm today (Friday 31st) so if you're, for example, ordering the same artwork you've had before but with your logo in Silver Sparkle, or knocking up something spangly and new the time to act is now.

As a reminder, info on our new finishes are HERE

Anyway, I'll let you get on with your day. Thanks for reading this far - you're dedicated.

By the way, we still do backdrops via www.bandbanners.co.uk so if you need any info let me know.

Tel: 0207 708 4289

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