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Tekniks Housematic review

Hard hitting sample pack that's all about the pounding beats.

  • £59.95
The Housematic pack leans to the harder end of house styles.

MusicRadar Verdict

A great sample pack that any Hard House producer should consider.


  • +

    Clearly organised samples. Good sounds. Excellent variety of drum voicings.


  • -

    Caters mainly for Hard House producers.

Containing a wide selection of loops, single-hits and multis, this one is designed very much with hard house producers in mind.

Each folder within the Kits section is named according to the tempo of its loops, which range from 126bpm to 136bpm. These offer various combinations of drum voicings: kick and hats; snare and hats; kick and snare.

You'll also find melodic bass, synth and vocal loops, while the multisampled instruments include basses, electric pianos and a house organ.

The content is very well produced and should provide plenty of ammunition for even the most prolific producer.

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