Tangible FX iMoov review

  • £2.49
Tangible FX iMoov's interface is for the most part well-thought out.

MusicRadar Verdict

A nicely designed, impressively responsive app that any computer musician would enjoy and possibly find useful.


  • +

    A nice idea, well executed.


  • -

    In-app purchases should have been included in the main course.

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iMoov transmits MIDI CCs for remote control of plug-in parameters or anything else that receives MIDI, via waving your iDevice around in the air.

The interface is well designed, making set-up straightforward, though the Learn button doesn't seem to serve any purpose; in our testing, just having the Controller active constantly sent the selected CC out for assignment. Each of the three axes works over 180°, movement can be limited to a certain range, and the MIDI Stop sends a specified value when the controller is turned off.

A couple of in-app purchases (£0.69 each) grate. Custom MIDI enables switching between pitchbend and MIDI CCs, and specifying of CC numbers and MIDI channels; Scale MIDI lets you set maximum and minimum MIDI CC values for each movement. We think they should be rolled into the main app, even if it means putting the price up.

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