Slate Digital VCC RC-Tube review

  • $74
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Our Verdict

Get yourself down the Tube…


  • Lovely subtle sounds.


  • Not much.

When we reviewed Slate Digital's Virtual Console Collection, they mentioned that there was a vintage tube desk in the pipeline. And here it is!

Available as a plug-in in its own right (which we're reviewing here), and also as an additional desk option within the full VCC package (a freebie in v1.5), RC-Tube models a classic all-tube RCA broadcast desk from the '50s.

As in the main VCC, you get two plug-ins - Channel and Mixbuss - with drive level on each (+/-6dB) and input level on the channel (+/-6dB).

The graphics are identical to VCC (the other desks appear as greyed-out options). However, grouping between channels and busses is limited to one group, and you get no further calibration or setup options.

Sonically, RC-Tube is subtle. There's some high-mid enhancement, and as you drive it, transients are gently saturated.

It works best used as intended: on multiple channels, with the buss processor for final glue. RC-Tube is simpler than VCC, and its competitive price may well draw more users closer to the full VCC.

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Tech Specs

Country of OriginUSA
PlatformPC, Mac