RTom Moongel review

Brightly coloured, see-through gel for dampening your drum sound

  • £5.99
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Our Verdict

Simple and unobtrusive - Moongel does the job as well as anything.


  • Easy maintenance.


  • Less adhesive than some dampeners.

There's something about bright, seethrough gel that brings out the kid in all of us. But despite Moongel's childish appeal, the rectangular pieces of rubbery sticky stuff have a legion of fans.

They may initially seem less adhesive than, say, Vater's Buzz Kills, but Moongel still sticks fast and is easy to clean with soap and water. Unobtrusive in the extreme, you can bung a couple of pieces on a head for a greater degree of dampening - and they even come in a little round pot to keep them safe.

Tech Specs

DescriptionDampens the tone of any percussion instrument
Dry Ventsfalse
Internal Ringfalse
Removable EQ Muffle Ringfalse