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With up to 28% off Shure mics right now at Amazon, who needs Black Friday?

Three Shure microphones
(Image credit: Shure)

Think of the top five names in microphones and Shure's right up there with the very best. Founded almost 100 years ago, its mics have been used by everyone from presidents to popstars. Now it's your turn to bag a bargain with this early-Black Friday music deal - shop now and save up to 28% off select Shure mics at Amazon.

Shure has launched some truly landmark products over those nearly 100 years. There's the 55 Unidyne, used by statesmen as diverse as Harry S. Truman, Fidel Castro and Martin Luther King Jr. Its slightly smaller cousin, the 55S, is nicknamed the 'Elvis mic' because whenever the King was pictured singing on stage in the '50s he's clutching this Shure classic. 

In the 1960s Shure outdid itself with the launch of the SM57 and the very similar SM58, mics that have gone on to become two of the most popular studio and live performance microphones ever. Want to know who's used them? It would be quicker to list who hasn't.

The SM7, launched in the 1970s, became a firm favourite of Michael Jackson's and James Hetfield's and is prized for its ability to make even untreated recording spaces sound amazing. A later iteration, the SM7B, was the inspiration for 2020's MV7, a small, inexpensive podcasting microphone that's taken that market by storm.

What's the secret of Shure's success? Technical innovation plays a big role, but Shure has also always produced mics that sound incredible and are robust to the point of being almost bombproof. Importantly, Shure mics have always been affordable too.

Now, with this Amazon promotion, what was affordable has become an absolute steal. Whether you're a singer, guitarist, podcaster or content creator, hurry because we don't know how much longer these discounts will be honoured.

Shure SM7B: was $499, now $359, save $140

Shure SM7B: was $499, now $359, save $140
If you buy just one microphone in your lifetime the Shure SM7B deserves a place on your shortlist. It's a mic that excels at broadcast applications because it flatters any voice, even in the worst untreated rooms. It's also a superb vocal mic for singers, whether on stage or in the studio. Need to record instruments? It's great for guitar cabs and drum kits too. The word legendary is overused but it's well-deserved here. Get it while it's cheap!

Shure MV7 + Manfrotto tripod bundle: $269

Shure MV7 + Manfrotto tripod bundle: $269, $239
This is the bundle for wannabe podcasters. You get a Shure MV7, which is simply one of the greatest podcasting mics available today. It looks and sounds just like a mini version of the legendary SM7B but has some nifty new features including the ability to be hooked up via XLR or USB, plus a headphone socket for direct monitoring. Also included in the bundle is a sturdy, yet lightweight PIXI mini tripod from premium brand Manfrotto. Just add vocals.

Shure MV88+ Desktop Kit: was $249, now $219

Shure MV88+ Desktop Kit: was $249, now $219
If you're a content creator just using your phone to capture video you've probably nailed the cinematography bit but struggle with the audio. The Shure MV88+ fixes that by capturing clear, crisp, directional sound with no complicated setup or fuss. Just quality content. This bundle contains all the kit and cables (iOS & USB-C) you need to connect most iOS and Android phones, a phone clamp and a Manfrotto PIXI mini tripod. #qualitycontent

Shure MV5 Digital Condenser (Silver): $99

Shure MV5 Digital Condenser (Silver): $99, now $89
If aesthetics is critical to your YouTube channel – perhaps your content is about beauty – but you're working to a tight budget, we recommend the MV5. It sounds great but just as importantly it looks pretty cool in its retro inspired casing. As always, beauty is more than skin deep, and this clever little condenser mic features a simple USB input, three DSP presets for faultless recording and a headphone socket for direct monitoring. It's also very affordable.

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