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WE ARE 21 - Computer Music issue 279 is out now!

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This month’s issue of Computer Music is choc full of over two decades of knowledge and sounds. With the March 2020 issue (CM279) you can pick up a 21- pack strong sample library weighing in at 8GB. There’s also the mighty CM Plugin Suite of 94 plugins, all for free.

21 Essential Techniques

This issue, we’ve rounded up some of our best-ever tutorials, all in one place, giving you the skills and knowledge you need to break into music production. 

These 21 techniques cover composition, synth programming and compression. Even better, anyone who picks up a copy of CM279 will be able to follow along, as they all use our our unmatched CM Plugin Suite, a nearly 100-plugin-strong lineup of every synth, drum machine and effect you’ll need in your productions.

21 Years of Producers

Over two decades, we’ve spoken to a huge variety of producers. From genre launchers like Roni Size to movie scorers such as Hans Zimmer, everyone has a story to tell, a plugin to play, and words of sage advice. 

In this feature, we’ve picked some of the most valuable gems of wisdom these electronic pioneers have shared with us over the last 21 years, all unified by their cutting-edge use of technology, so you can bask in the genius of some of the most important electronic music pioneers of the past two decades.

21 Years of Gear

When we launched Computer Music 21 years ago, the technology we use today was unthought-of, and the world of computer music-making was a very different one indeed. You needed hardware to boost your computer processing power, you needed soundcards to plug into said computers, and you needed cash by the bucket-load to afford all of these extra bits and pieces.

Making music is now easier and cheaper than ever, and in CM 279 we look back at some of the key innovations that we have to thank for that.

21 Free Sample Packs

(Image credit: Future)

In our best ever sample giveaway, we give you an 8GB sample DVD full of our greatest samples! From Dystopian Drones to Dusty Funk this 8,000+ sound strong collection will have you covered for any sample needs you may have, no matter the genre you make.

All of these sample packs are available to download for readers of Computer Music issue 279 thanks to our FileSilo download system.

Producer Masterclass: Ivy Lab

We head into the minimalist studio of Gove Kidao and J. Fogel AKA production duo Ivy Lab. The Neuro titans chat to us about the limitations of genre labels, their love of doing it all in the box and running their own label.

In their video masterclass the pair run through some of their favourite production techniques with their mostly software setup. Watch as they take us through a recent track, showing us how they balance their leads, beats and basslines.

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Get this issue now

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Digital editions include all extra content, now available via FileSilo (see page 95 in the mag)

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