Snag this free Waves plugin - and take advantage of their killer Black Friday savings while you're at it

Waves are one of the most widely renowned software developers in the music tech business, and for good reason: their broad range of software encompasses scores of powerful, advanced plugins that are used by producers, mix engineers and audio professionals across the music industry. As part of their Black Friday sale, Waves are offering producers their Lil Tube saturator plugin absolutely free, in addition to incredible Black Friday plugin deals across all of their products. 

Waves Lil Tube (absolutely free)

Waves Lil Tube (absolutely free)
Lil Tube is one of those use-it-on-everything plugins that you'll find yourself dropping into almost every channel strip. Packing satisfying analogue warmth, tone-boosting presence and rich, ear-pleasing saturation into a single, one-knob wonder, this is one of the best free plugins we've seen given away this Black Friday.

Waves Lil Tube is a no-nonsense tube saturator that'll instantly apply warmth, fatness and texture to any signal. Modelled on the sound of legendary tube preamps, this one-knob wonder will work its magic on pretty much any sound source. Make your vocals pop, imbue a lead synth line with depth and presence, or add a rich sonic texture to guitar chords with ease, simply by dropping Lil Tube into your plugin chain.

Lil Tube's sonic goodness can be dialled in precisely through the use of its simple, clean interface - once you've inserted it into a channel, all that's left to do is push the drive knob until you've reached a satisfying level of saturation. The sound can be further tweaked through the use of a control that enables the user to choose between three levels of input sensitivity, adjusting the degree to which the plugin will react to any signal passed through it.

While you're over at Waves' website, it'll be worth checking out their fantastic Black Friday sale, which spans almost their entire range of software and covers many of the products found in our guide to the best Waves plugins. The sale also gives you the chance to snag up to four more free plugins. Thanks to Waves' incredible multi-buy discounts, you'll be able to snap up a free plugin when you spend over $50, two when you spend $60, and four when you spend over $100 or more.

Check out Waves' phenomenal Black Friday plugin deals...

Waves Black Friday Sale (plugins from $5.99)

Waves Black Friday Sale (plugins from $5.99)
This Black Friday, Waves are offering some phenomenal discounts across their entire range of software. The Horizon bundle has been reduced by 93%, bringing this collection of 83 essential plugins that includes favourites CLA Classic Compressor, Kramer Tape and L3 Multimaximizer down to only $274.99.


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