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Waves' massive Cyber Monday sale has been extended - again! Save up to $3,724 off and bag free plugins

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Waves' massive Black Friday sale was supposed to be strictly time-limited - until unprecedented demand melted its website down. Then the Cyber Weekend sale dropped, and that was scheduled to be over by now. But today the plugin giant has once again extended your bargain window for a little while longer!

Always a highlight of the season, this year's plugins sale is no exception with some astronomical discounts on some of its best-selling plugins - like, thousands of dollars off and many down to as little as $29.99. There's big money to be saved on plugin bundles, too. 

But there’s more, because in addition to decimating the price of its software, the plugin Godfather wants you to keep adding to your basket, and it's making you some offers you’ll find hard to refuse.

You’ll snag the discount prices shown, no matter how many plugins you buy, but for every two plugins you buy, you'll get another two plugins totally free.

Waves has included every plugin and effect category and there are bundles too. For example, the 180-plugin Mercury bundle has been reduced from its full value price of $7,599 to $1,699.99. The Horizon bundle has a combined value of $3,999, but here it’s reduced to just $274.99, while the popular Diamond and Platinum bundles are down by 90 and 92% respectively!

There’s massive savings on best-selling individual plugins too, like Waves Tune Real-Time, SSL G-Master Buss Compressor, Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain, CLA Vocals and the J37 Tape emulator all set at just $29.99.

Not sure where to start? Check out our best Waves plugins guide and browse the deals below.

The Waves deals we recommend

Waves Horizon Bundle: was $3,999

Waves Horizon Bundle: was $3,999, now $274.99
No, that's not a typo. You can save whopping 93% on the list price of one of Waves' most sought-after bundles. With 83 plugins, it's a complete processing suite containing everything you need to add sparkle to your productions.

Waves Silver plugin bundle: Was $599

Waves Silver plugin bundle: Was $599, now $49.99
Get your hands on 16 professional award-winning plugins for music production, mixing and mastering all for an insanely low price of $49.99.

was $199

CLA MixHub: was $199, now $29.99
Get Chris Lorde Alge's SSL 4000 mixer channels in your DAW for a measly $29.99. There's mic pres, filtering, EQ, dynamics and metering on tap, and it really is like having a 64-channel SSL inside your computer. Go and grab it!

Waves VocalBender: was $149

Waves VocalBender: was $149, now $29.99
Vocal formant switching and pitch manipulation are made easy with Vocal Bender. It's a simple way to add a sampled/pitch-shifted effect to your vocal productions with a simple yet powerful control layout. It's a no-brainer for under 30 bucks! 

Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel: was $99

Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel: was $99, now 29.99
Producer Eddie Kramer has worked with Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Stones and many more. Here, you can get his guitar processing chain, all in one place. There's dynamics, modulation, EQ and delay. Get the sound of classic rock for less!

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