Acoustic guitarists: buy this and transform your sound

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If you have an electro-acoustic guitar this could be a game-changer; the ToneWoodAmp fits on the back of your guitar via magnets placed inside the body (without any permanent changes to your guitar) and allows you to play unplugged with reverb, delay, tremolo, leslie speaker, auto-wah and overdrive. We've tried it ourselves; fitted it, reviewed it, and can confirm it's incredibly inspiring. 

Thomann's current deal sweetens the deal with a 15% discount. While Sweetwater offers $50 off for today only. With this money off we think it's especially worth the investment because there's nothing like it in terms of aftermarket effects. All you need is a magnetic pickup or soundhole pickup in your acoustic guitar. You can even use it live with an amp. Check out the videos below for proof. 

European deal 

ToneWoodAmp for acoustic guitar £229 £195

ToneWoodAmp for acoustic guitar £229 £195
No pedals, no cables; just a massively inspiring creative tool for anyone who owns an electro-acoustic guitar. The ToneWoodAmp offers eight onboard effects and a whole new world of possibilities to explore. 

US deal 

ToneWoodAmp for acoustic guitar $259 $209

ToneWoodAmp for acoustic guitar $259 $209

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