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Thomann’s Synth Reaktor event is coming and here’s what you need to know

German-based retail giant, Thomann, is hosting an event for all of your favourite YouTubers called Synth Reaktor.

Similar to last year’s Gearhead University, the YouTubers are invited to pick various items from the huge collection of gear within Thomann’s logistics centre and create video content in one of the on-site video studios. For some, it represents a chance to have a play with the latest tech that they’ve yet to get their hands on.

The event is will also be attended by a vast array of brands including Moog, Novation, Native Instruments, Arturia, Modal Electronics, Elektron Behringer and many more.

We will also be there to bring you some of the flavour from the event, which starts tomorrow and ends Saturday (14-17 March) in Treppendorf, Germany. So be sure to check back with us soon.

Full list of YouTube attendees

  • Look Mum No Computer
  • Cuckoo
  • BoBeats
  • Doctor Mix
  • DivKid
  • Rachel K Collier
  • Dawless Jammin'
  • Simon The Magpie
  • The Tuesday Night Machines
  • Ann Annie
  • Once Upon A Synth
  • Jakob Haq
  • PlugInGuru
  • Molten Music Technology
  • Accurate Beats
  • Automatic Gainsay
  • Noir Et Blanc Vie
  • SynthMania
  • Gaz Williams
  • Multiplier
  • SoundsAndGear
  • 8-Bit Keys
  • Synth Anatomy
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