Take part in Thomann’s #DIYKitChallenge22 and you could win €500’s worth of gear

Harley Benton DIY SC Guitar Kit
(Image credit: Harley Benton)

Online music retail giant Thomann has launched its #DIYKitChallenge22, throwing down the gauntlet to the budding Leo Fenders of this world who want to assemble their own electric guitars, bass guitars, or, indeed ukulele, cajon or glockenspiel.

The #DIYKitChallenge22 is open to anyone with a social media account and who has a DIY Kit from Thomann or its superlative budget-friendly guitar and bass brand Harley Benton. And your invention will not go unrewarded – there are prizes to be won. 

First prize takes home a €500 Thomann voucher, with second receiving a €350 voucher, and third place still able to afford a boutique fuzz pedal with a €200 voucher.

What are the judges looking for? Well, for starters, the instruments have to be playable, so definitely don’t use the DIY Kit assembly instructions for lining your budgie’s cage. 

Harley Benton DIY S-style Guitar Kit

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

Secondly, they have to be visually convincing. Once you have successfully assembled your instrument, Thomann want to see some design initiative, an eye for the aesthetically pleasing, and ultimately something that will look good on social media.

Simply upload a video to your YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or TikTok account – no longer than 60 seconds long, please, and do ensure people can view your profile – documenting the story of the build, or indeed demoing it to the best of your abilities. We at MusicRadar will be taking part, too, just so long as someone at HQ deems us responsible enough to be let loose with a screwdriver.

Also, please remember to have #DIYKitChallenge22 in the title for the video, and link to the Thomann account on whichever social media platform you choose.

The #DIYKitChallenge22 starts on Monday 18 April at noon and ends on Sunday 19 June 2022 at 23:59:59 pm (CEST). 

If you want to join in and need a DIY Kit, head over to Thomann where the following kits below are available. Good luck!


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