The key Andertons electric guitar deals available until the end of Cyber Monday

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The sun will set on Andertons' week of sales at the end of Cyber Monday, so if you're going to move on their guitar deals now is the time. And we're focussing on the truly special ones; the kind of reductions we're not seeing anywhere else today.

First up is the big discounts on PRS SE Hollowbody II models here - Andertons sold out of stock but the great news is they are honouring preorders on more stock they've managed to secure at the sale prices. To be totally honest, this is the best electric guitar discount we've seen in the sales in terms of value and quality ratio.

PRS SE Hollowbody II electric guitar in Black Gold Burst (was £1,049, now £599)
PRS SE Hollowbodies Andertons have here. Hollowbody II in Black Gold Burst

PRS SE Hollowbody II electric guitar in Black Gold Burst (was £1,049, now £599)
The pick of a slew of savings on PRS SE Hollowbodies Andertons have here. We're talking £450 off a Hollowbody II in Black Gold Burst(opens in new tab) and Faded Blue Burst(opens in new tab) at £599 down from £1,049

Guitar repair techs we've spoken to have also confirmed what we've found – PRS SE models are some of the very best guitars out of the box in terms of consistently excellent factory setups. Lessening the chance of any further spend required on a setup from a pro and making these guitars huge bargains from the biggest UK guitar retailer in the UK. 

There's two finish choices on the Hollowbody II with Black Gold Burst and Faded Blue Burst with a £450 saving on each, while the Fire Red Burst Hollowbody Standard is £430 off. The piezo model that went into the sales with them is now completely sold out. 

Fender MIJ Limited Edition Traditional Mustang Reverse Headstock In 3 Colour Sunburst (was £1,249.00, now £999.00)

Fender MIJ Limited Edition Traditional Mustang Reverse Headstock In 3 Colour Sunburst (was £1,249.00, now £999.00)
Fenders that combine a humbucker in the bridge with a single-coil in the neck are massively overlooked by the company in our opinion. But here it's realised for a hugely versatile guitar. And it's basswood which makes for a lighter weight in our experience.

Elsewhere there's still four of the Fender Japan Limited Edition H/S Mustangs left in stock in three-colour Sunburst – these kind of feel to us like the spiritual combination of Kurt Cobain's favourite Jaguar with his Skystangs. With the added twist of a reverse headstock. 

And back on the bargain hollowbody front, at the time of writing there's still two Sire Larry Carlton H7 models in stock with a massive £170 off. This is a lot of guitar for £499 and Mr Carlton doesn't give his name to to any old hollowbody, that's for sure! 

Sire Larry Carlton H7 Hollowbody: £669, now £499

Sire Larry Carlton H7 Hollowbody: £669, now £499
Some of the biggest savings can be found in Anderton's electric guitars salewith a whopping £169 off the price of the already impressively-priced hollowbody signature in black. It's simply one of the best value signature models you can get, and now it's a steal!

We're also liking this sleek Andertons exclusive Squier FSR Classic Vibe '60s Tele Thinline a lot with £70 off. The top of the body is bound and the anodised scratchplate brings to mind the much more expensive Fender Ultra Tele we loved. This would be a very cool guitar to have out the box or even mod with some upgraded pickups. 

Squier FSR Classic Vibe Tele Thinline: £369, now £299

Squier FSR Classic Vibe Tele Thinline: £369, now £299
An Andertons exclusive and now under £300, this is one of the coolest looking Tele we've seen anywhere for a while, and that includes Fender's high end models. A Subtle Metallica Black and anodised scratchplate with top body binding makes for a great combination here.  

In our experience though, Classic Vibe guitars are often excellent as they are. And it looks so cool!  It's also available in Butterscotch Blonde here with £50 off at £299

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