VocalTuning.com fixes your singing

The site makes it easy to upload your out-of-tune vocals.
The site makes it easy to upload your out-of-tune vocals.

Pitch adjustment applications such as Auto-Tune and Melodyne are all well and good, but they´re not the cheapest products on the market and, if you don´t know what you´re doing, getting the best results out of them can be tricky.

If you´re looking for another way to tune-up your audio tracks - specifically your vocal ones - you could try VocalTuning.com. The idea is that you upload your out-of-tune vocals and then have them returned, tuned, within 24 hours.

It´s not clear exactly how the vocals are tuned, but the proprietors of the site claim that, as well as doing fine-tuning jobs, they can also tweak a tone-deaf singer´s performance so that it passes muster. Files are worked on by a small team of engineers, all of whom are said to have extensive experience in the music industry.

So, how much does the service cost? Well, any vocal of up to five minutes in length will be tuned for $39/£20, and you can also pay an additional $20/£10 to have vocals that are out of time put onto the beat. If you want to get an idea of the level of expertise being offered, there are some 'before and after' audio examples on the site.

All of which sounds reasonable, though if your vocal track is so bad that you feel the need to pay someone to sort it out, we do wonder whether you might be better off re-recording it or getting someone else in to sing it…

Ben Rogerson

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