The Sonuus Loopa is the world's first looping microphone and it needs your help

Sonuus has launched a crowd-funding campaign for its latest product - Loopa, the world's first looping microphone.

The UK brand is synonymous with guitar peripherals and effects such as the G2M MIDI converter, Voluum and Wahoo pedals.

Loopa offers up to 12 minutes recording time, with unlimited overdubbing. If you're struggling to get that perfect take, there is a 16-level undo and redo recording history, plus loop level control.

At it's heart, Loopa features high quality cardioid condenser microphone, with a 130dB max SPL (1% THD) and a frequency response of 100Hz - 16kHz.

Sampling comes courtesy of the custom designed high-integrity looper engine, which offers 32-bit floating point processing to preserve audio quality. The engine is powered by Toshiba's BENAND flash memory and will require just one AA battery (not included), yielding a battery lifetime of approximately 10 hours.

To back the Loopa Kickstarter and get your order in early, head over to the campaign website now. Early bird prices start at £75 and the first units will be shipped in May 2016.

Simon Arblaster
Video Producer & Reviews Editor

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