Pioneer announces rekordbox DJ software and two new controllers

Pioneer's rekordbox library DJ software has been updated and includes new features allowing you to prepare sets and perform mixes, all within the app as extra downloadable content.

The latest edition of rekordbox, version 4.0, is still free, but the new functionality comes in the form of a 'Plus Pack' called rekordbox DJ, which will cost €139. From December 2015, you will also be able to subscribe to rekordbox DJ for €10.90 a month.

The new rekordbox DJ features include:

  • 4 decks with vertical/horizontal view
  • New pad FX
  • Hot cues, loops, slicer and 16-slot sampler
  • Customisable sound colour FX
  • 15 beat FX
  • Release FX
  • Slip mode
  • Quantized 'Beat Jump'

The update to rekordbox also sees the release of two new compatible controllers; the DDJ-RZ and DDJ-RX.

Both mirror the layout of the software precisely and support the new functions featured in rekordbox DJ. Each one is four-channel and both have low-latency jog wheels and 16 performance pads.

Both controllers include:

  • Four sound colour FX, beat FX
  • Sequencer mode
  • Release FX: echo, vinyl brake and backspin
  • Needle search
  • Crossfader curve adjust
  • High-quality mic input
  • Jog feeling adjust
  • P-Lock fader cap

The DDJ-RZ also features:

  • Customisable oscillator sampler, with four preset sounds: Noise, Sine, Siren and Horn
  • 2 USB soundcards
  • Durable, responsive magnetic crossfader

The flagship DDJ-RZ comes in at twice the price - €2099 - and twice the weight of the slightly smaller DDJ-RX, which costs €1049. Both controllers come bundled with the rekordbox DJ 'Plus Pack'.

Rekordbox 4.0 and rekordbox DJ will be available to download from 1 October and Pioneer will also be offering a 30-day free trial of rekordbox DJ. More 'Plus Packs' will also be available in the future, including DVS functions and expanded effects packs. Check out the rekordbox website for more news and updates.

Simon Arblaster
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