Ohm Force Ohm Studio: leaked screenshots

Leaked screenshots of Ohm Force's new collaborative music platform have surfaced. Ohm Studio - which runs standalone on your Mac or PC but stores your projects on the Ohm servers so you can collaborate with others via the power of the web - doesn't go into beta testing until mid-December, so these are the first 'official' glimpses of the interface.

According to our friends at Computer Music: "we're as sure as we can be that they [the screenshots] are legit. Any screenies you may have seen prior to these have been of the alpha build, and as you can see, things have moved on somewhat since then."

You can click the gallery on the right for full-size shots, check out our previous coverage of Ohm Studio's videos and features and sign up for beta testing via the dedicated Ohm Studio site.

Via: Computer Music

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