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New Android synth apps from Jordan Rudess and Crimson Technology

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MorphWiz-Play: now Android users can join in the fun.

MorphWiz-Play: now Android users can join in the fun.


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WaveSynth for Android

It's no secret that Android remains something of a backwater when it comes to decent music making apps, but we have at least seen a couple more being released in the past week or so.

First up, there's Wizdom Music's MorphWiz-Play, a £1.49 preset-only version of MorphWiz, Jordan Rudess's excellent iOS instrument. Here's a video demo from the man himself:

Secondly, Crimson Technology has released WaveSynth for Android, a wavetable synth that's yours for £0.76. It's a General MIDI app that comes with 128 presets and a single drum set; these can be played via the onscreen keyboard. There's a video of this one too:

The release of two apps doesn't necessarily represent a massive change in fortune for aspiring Android music makers, but at least it's another couple of steps in the right direction.

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