Native Instruments releases modular effects system Molekular

Native Instruments has released Molekular, a new Reaktor-based modular effects system created alongside German developer Zynaptiq.

Molekular features four effects slots which can house one of the system's 35 effect modules. Included modules fall into five categories: Bread And Butter, which features simple, workhorse tools, Modulation And Filters, Dynamics And Distortion, Delay, Stutter And Glitch, and Pitch And Resonator.

Alongside the effects, Molekular features a modulation section with a total of 16 sources. This allows the use of up to four LFOs, four step sequencers, four 'analogue modular-inspired' trigger sequencers and four Logic modules, which can be used to randomise effects. Each of these can be routed to any parameter in the effects section.

Molekular also features a Morphing Field section, which can be used to morph between, or modulate, four assignable parameters at once.

Molekular is available from the NI shop now priced at £129/$149/€149, and runs in Reaktor 5 or the free Reaktor 5 Player. Head to Native Instruments for more info.

Si Truss

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