NAMM 2015 VIDEO: Keith McMillen K-Mix interface + mixer demoed

NAMM 2015: After gaining renown for their attractively priced, minimal and portable touch panel controllers, this year sees Keith McMillen getting altogether more serious with the launch of the K-Mix.

It's an audio interface with eight balanced inputs and 10 outputs and 24-bit 96kHz audio capability, plus a digital mixer section topped off with McMillen's famous touch trips making a digital mixer without breakable physical controls.

Just the job for slinging in a backpack and using on the move, they argue.

Star of the show are two ultra accurate low noise μPre preamps, making the K-Mix suitable for pro quality mic recordings rather than their more familiar hi-tech controller environments.

"I needed a very special mixer that did not exist," says McMillen. "A fully programmable MIDI controlled ultra high quality portable mixer. To play live in a groupwithout a sound man, not having a mixer that could do all of this was hear breaking. K-Mix had to be capable of tying all of my needs together, from live inputs to USB interfaces and operate as a fully programmable stage mixer."

Check out our live from the show floor demo of the Keith McMillen K-Mix above.

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