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NAMM 2015: Roland previews ProMars CompuPhonic Plug-Out synth

NAMM 2015: The big news from Roland may be that it's getting back into the analogue synth game, but it's also confirmed its commitment to its Plug-Out technology by previewing an emulation of its own ProMars CompuPhonic from 1979.

As with the SH-101 and SH-2 Plug-Out synths, this will not only run as a plug-in in your DAW, but can also be uploaded to your System-1 hardware synth and used away from your computer. The ProMars isn't one of Roland's better-known legacy instruments, but it can be thought of as a monophonic version of the Jupiter-4, and something of a precursor to that synth.

Take a look at the preview video above to find out more. The ProMars CompuPhonic Plug-Out should be available in March.