Roland unveils SH-2 'Plug-Out' synth

Roland has announced the second in its range of 'Plug-Out' software instruments, an emulation of its classic SH-2 synth.

As with the first Plug-Out - a model of the SH-101, which was released as a free download for System-1 users last month - the new synth can either run as a standard plugin, or be loaded into the System-1's sound engine to be used completely independently of a computer. However, whilst the emulation has been designed to work best with the System-1 hardware, either as a dedicated controller or a host, it can still be used without it and, unlike the first plug-out, will be available for purchase as a standalone product.

As with all the products in Roland's Aira range, this new synth is based around the company's Analog Circuit Behaviour technology, which has so far produced a string of highly impressive recreations. It emulates all the original features of the original SH-2 monosynth, which had a similar architecture to the SH-101 but with an additional oscillator and detune capability, but without the arpeggiator. This new version also adds a number of new features including increased VCO range, a pair of envelopes and an arp.

The SH-2 emulation is due to be released in VSTi (32- and 64-bit) and AU formats on 25 September. Pricing is yet to be announced. For more info and full specs visit Roland.

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