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NAMM 2010: Roland V-Piano Evolution update announced

Roland V-Piano: it's evolving.
Roland V-Piano: it's evolving.

PRESS RELEASE: Roland is pleased to announce the V-Piano Evolution update, adding two new stunning Vintage and Vanguard piano models to enhance the sonic possibilities for the groundbreaking V-Piano.

Since its release one year ago, the Roland V-Piano has become the ultimate professional piano, taking the music world by storm. Soaring beyond the limits of previous sample-based instruments, the V-Piano's revolutionary Component Object Sound Modelling (COSM) creates a "living" piano engine that has won acclaim from the world's finest pianists.

The V-Piano offers two distinct types of piano modelling: Vintage and Vanguard. Vintage replicates the sound of the world's finest acoustic pianos, while Vanguard allows the pianist to create new and innovative instruments beyond the limitations of the traditional acoustic piano.

New Vintage pianos

Vertical: faithfully reproduces the sound of a warm upright piano
V1 Impactannce: a Vintage piano equipped with heavier hammers for more power and energy

New Vanguard pianos

Triple Large: an extended piano body and triple copper-wrapped strings on each key
Metallic SB: a piano with a virtual soundboard that contains metal and wood elements

The V-Piano Evolution will be available as a free download for all V-Piano owners.

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