NAMM 2008: Fifth ZED mixer from Allen & Heath

The ZED-24 looks to be a compact yet capable mixing solution.
The ZED-24 looks to be a compact yet capable mixing solution.

Allen & Heath is using NAMM 2008 as the launch platform for its ZED-24 USB mixer. This is the fifth product to be added to the ZED range, and follows the 14, 420, 428 and 436 models into the market.

The ZED-24 can handle 23 independent sources and features ten independent outputs, four aux sends and USB send/return. This last feature enables you to easily hook up the mixer to your computer.

The ZED-24 boasts not just 16 mono channels, but also four stereo channels. Each of these has 1/4-inch jack inputs and phono inputs and can also take its signal from the USB input.

You have some flexibility with the USB output, too. You can set which signal you wish to be sent to this: the L/R master, the matrix or aux busses.

Other features of the ZED-24 include a 3-band swept-mid EQ and two-stage DuoPre preamps that promise to deliver plenty of headroom.

No news on how much the ZED-24 will cost yet, but we do know that it will ship with a copy of Cakewalk's Sonar LE software. However, although the mixer itself can be connected to your Mac or PC, this MIDI/audio recording software is Windows-only.

You can find out more at the Allen & Heath website.

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