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Musikmesse 2014 video: Nord Lead A1R desktop/rack synth unveiled

MUSIKMESSE 2014: Clavia announced its A1 analogue modelling synth at NAMM earlier this year, and it's following this up by bringing the A1R - a desktop/rack version - to Frankfurt.

This has an identical feature set but loses the keyboard. So, you get the latest Nord analogue modelling engine and a 'streamlined' interface that's designed for fast programming.

It's also worth noting that a few features have been added to the A1 since January. The Like function enables you to temporarily store up to 50 versions of a patch while you're programming before committing one to memory, while the Mutator option (taken from the Nord Lead 4) lets you create a variation of a patch by adjusting either certain parameters that conform to set rules, or by randomising all parameters.

There's also the Unison mode, which is designed to add that all-important analogue-style fatness.

The Nord A1R will ship in June priced at £1049. The standard A1 will be available from April for £1249. Find out more on the Clavia Nord website.