Musikmesse 2014 video: Bastl Instruments introduces microGranny 2.0 granular sampler

Musikmesse 2014: microGranny 2.0 (we're not sure what happened to version 1) is a new handmade monophonic granular sampler that's making its debut in Frankfurt. It comes from newcomer Bastl Instruments and can play WAV files from a microSD card and record them via a line input or its built-in microphone.

Perhaps the best way to understand what microGranny 2.0 can do is to watch the video above but, on a technical level, we can tell you that it enables you to adjust the grain size, shift speed (positive or negative), sample rate (tuned or free run), and crush and envelope (attack/release).

There's also a MIDI input so that you can control parameters, transpose samples and play individual grains using external gear.

MicroGranny 2.0 is handmade in the Czech Republic and costs €160 excluding tax. It'll ship no later than 7 April. Find out more on the Bastl Instruments website.


Ben Rogerson

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