Musikmesse 08: Percussa AudioCubes show that it's hip to be square

Amazingly these cubes can be used to control your music software
Amazingly, these cubes can be used to control your music software.

The profile of Percussa´s Audio Cubes continues to grow: they were on show in Frankfurt in conjunction with the new MIDI Bridge software, which enables better integration with your computer.

As you may be aware, the AudioCubes are part controller, part performance tool - it´s fair to say that there´s nothing else quite like them. There´s no need for us to give you a detailed written description, though, as we caught up with Percussa at Musikmesse and captured some video footage of the Cubes being used to control Ableton Live.

Apologies for the drum ‘n´ bass craziness going off in the background - unfortunately, noise pollution is one of the things you have to put up with at large trade shows.

For more information on the AudioCubes, check out the Percussa website.