Kymatica unveils Audiobus ready iOS reverb app AUFX:Space

Developer Kymatica has unveiled AUFX:Space, the first in a series of "simple and powerful" Audiobus compatible iOS effect processors.

As it's name would suggest, Space is a reverb effect, which features a host of presets, room types and editable parameters within a relatively minimal and straightforward UI.

As well as being able to process other iOS apps via Audiobus, Space can be used with an iOS compatible audio interface on external signals.

AUFX:Space is available to buy from the App Store now, priced £2.49/$3.99

AUFX:Space features

  • High quality 32-bit DSP engine.
  • A multitude of parameters to tweak to get a wide range of sounds.
  • Process hardware input/output
  • Process other apps through Audiobus (input/filter/output slots supported).
  • Ready for the future inter-app audio standard.
  • Save and load user presets.
  • Comes with several bundled presets.
  • Fully MIDI controllable, including Virtual MIDI.
  • Background Audio.
  • Record the result directly in app.
  • Email recordings or export to AudioShare audio document manager app.
  • Access user presets and recordings through iTunes File Sharing.
Si Truss

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