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Korg serves up new sounds for the M3 Workstation

Limitless sound capabilities
Limitless sound capabilities

What would you pay for 512 new sounds for your Korg M3 Workstation? Nothing, you say? Well, that's perfect. Nothing is just the price Korg is asking.

The additional programs are now available as a free download from Korg's website. Created in direct response to customer feedback around the world, the new programs cover a number of essential sounds, such as classic keyboards, guitars, basses, brass, woodwinds and more.

These new programs double the internal EDS Programs available on the M3, from the current 512 Programs to 1024, increasing functionality, versatility and creative options. Included are a number of nuanced pianos; vintage electric pianos, reed pianos and clavinets; acoustic strings and vintage string keyboard sounds; brass and woodwinds, featuring new multi-instrument combinations; realistic guitar sounds modeled after a wide variety of amp types and sizes; and classic analog synths.

Also released is a collection of 128 combinations which blends the EXB-RADIAS synthesis option with the onboard EDS Programs. It covers a wide assortment of sounds, from playable splits and layers, to imaginative soundscapes, to examples of triggering the RADIAS vocoder with drum grooves from KARMA.

The new free sound Programs for the Korg M3 and EXB-RADIAS are now both available for download at:

For more information, visit the official Korg website.