JustGoMusic.com aims to syncronise your social networks

It seems like you can spend quite a lot of time managing all your social networks, and we all know how crucial it is to building a fan base and letting people hear your music.

JustGoMusic.com aims to aid your battle with status updates and social activity by providing you with a syncronised dashboard for uploads, competitions and posts - you can even manage multiple aliases with it and keep all your analytics in one place.

We're currently checking out the beta and it looks great with one of the best features being a single file and image upload to feed YouTube, Mixcloud and Soundcloud.

JustGoMusic.com press release

JustGoMusic.com is a new platform that offers powerful social media tools to DJs, producers, and label owners. The London-based website offers a whole suite of time-saving tools and features to help electronic music artists and labels grow their fanbases. Many of the tools are available for free.

JustGo Music was developed in close partnership with DJs, label owners, management companies and booking agents from electronic music over the last nine months. Many of the world's leading DJs are already registered on the site.

"Building an engaged social media audience is no longer an option for artists seeking success - it is critical to it."

JustGo Music offers five powerful tools for DJs, producers and label owners:

Social Stats.
Track fan growth across Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and YouTube in one spot.

Facebook/Twitter Publisher
Write, schedule and post text, images and links to Twitter and Facebook at the same time, with analytics tools to understand fan engagement.

Soundcloud/YouTube/Mixcloud uploader
Publish tracks and mixes to Soundcloud, YouTube, and Mixcloud in one shot. JustGo Music's tool auto-magically creates a playable YouTube video clip from an audio file and a cover image.

Competitions tool
Build a big downloadable database of fan email addresses by running competitions for fans.

Profile page
Automatically aggregates your social media content from Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, Podcasts, and music from Beatport/iTunes onto one beautiful, simple-to-use profile page.

JustGo Music founder and CEO Justin Golshir said:"Building an engaged social media audience is no longer an option for artists seeking success - it is critical to it. Our hope is that through our innovative social media tools, more DJs, artists, and labels are able to build a valuable fanbase that sustains their careers for the future. Ultimately, we want to help create a better connected, more exciting electronic music world."