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As regular readers will no doubt notice, this is the first issue of Future Music in many years to not come with a disc, and we're sure some of you might be wondering why that is. Have we gone all cheap on you? Are you now getting less content with FM each month? Well, the answer to both of those questions is an emphatic no!

In fact, it's quite the opposite - we want to give you more than ever. By not being bound by what we can fit onto a DVD, we're not restricted in what content we can give you.

So what extras are we bringing you? Well, first and foremost, alongside the usual fresh sample packs we offer up each month, every issue of FM now gives you access to an archive of over 8GB of samples from our Vault. That's over 25 packs of high-quality and royalty-free loops, instruments and sounds to use in your music! We'll also be bringing you high-quality videos to accompany many of our reviews, so you can see and hear the latest gear in action.

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Danny Daze - The Miami-based DJ and producer catches up with FM to chat about his eclectic, risk-taking DJ sets and his love of analogue gear

The Orb - We hook up with Thomas Fehlmann in Berlin to find out more about The Orb's latest album, Moonbuilding 2703 AD

Purity Ring - The Canadian duo's Corin Roddick talks gear, the live set-up and Another Eternity

The Track: Digitalism - The German Electro duo break down the creation of their latest single, Roller

Classic Album - Justin Warfield on creating My Field Trip to Planet 9


Make Contact - Try some simple sonic experimentation and make unique sounds with just a piezo and a few everyday bits and bobs

Producer's Guide To... Native Instruments Rounds -Unlock the sonic capabilities of NI's enigmatic circular synth

Modular Monthly - We test out Mutable Instruments' Clouds and show you how to get the most out of its impressive audio warping capabilities


  • Roland JD-XA
  • Korg Electribe Sampler
  • Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Series
  • PreSonus Studio One 3 Professional
  • Heavyocity Gravity
  • Akai MIDImix
  • And more...


Epic Verbs - Drawn out, shimmering FX samples and soaked instruments to add atmosphere to your tracks.

Pizzicato Pleasures - Pristine 'pluck' sounds. A Kontakt-ready pack of plucks and sweeps, created with the help of a Celtic harp

PLUS: Access the FM sample archive! - Download the 'Archive' packs and get over 8GB of loops, hits and instruments from our back catalogue of high-quality and royalty-free samples. From vintage synths and drum machines to esoteric instruments and FX - think of it as our best of. All the samples you need to create great music!

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