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After NAMM - which we covered back in January - Frankfurt Musikmesse is the biggest event in the annual music technology calendar. As ever, FM were on the ground to check out all the latest developments and hottest new gear announcements.

There were several show-stopping reveals at this year's event, with at least three exciting announcements coming from one company alone: Roland. Not only did we manage to get fully hands-on with their hybrid beast the JD-XA, but we got our first glimpse of their foray into the realm of modular synthesis, with not one but two Eurorack systems unveiled. Grab the issue now to see all the show highlights.

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Musikmesse 2015 - We get hands-on all the coolest gear from the 2015 Musikmesse gear show in Frankfurt


Dynamic Drones - All you need to know about creating drones - from a simple held synth note, to intricate and evolving soundscapes

Additive Synthesis - Learn the ins and outs of additive, and see how it can create pads, leads, basses and more

D'n'B Breaks - A modern take on a classic sound. Learn how to create, process and rework breaks

Producer's Guide To... Mixing with UAD Apollo Expanded - Harness the full power of Universal Audio's revamped Apollo range, and the platform's latest mix plug-ins


George FitzGerald - DJ and producer George FitzGerald talks about his move away from the dancefloor with debut album Fading Love

James Holden - We check out the studio and live setup of the Border Community owner, producer and modular master

The Track: Portico - The London trio break down the creation of the title track from their new album, Living Fields

Classic Album - Boca 45 of his football-inspired opus, Pitch Sounds


  • Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators
  • Modor NF-1
  • Audio-Technica AT5045 condenser mic
  • Alesis SamplePad Pro
  • Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 3
  • And more...

Modular Monthly

In this month's modular column we test Dave Smith's pair of Eurorack offerings and explore the capabilities of spring reverb.


Foley FX- Add some real world textures to your tracks with this pack of 'found' dramatic sounds.

Sequencer Funk - The classic sound of funky arpeggiator and sequencer-powered basslines and leads.

Guitar Loops - Get all the six-string action you'll ever need with this assorted pack of loops and lines.

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