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These days 'time-stretching' almost seems like a slightly outdated term. What was once a fiddly and elaborate process requiring specialised gear, is now handled quickly and easily right inside most DAWs, via warp markers and simple tempo adjustments.

Yet the process occupies something of a dual existence these days. On the one hand, with high quality software, it's possible to achieve near-pristine adjustments of almost any kind of source material. On the other hand, the odd sounds and effects of those 'old school' methods are still hugely prevalent throughout modern music - from re-pitched Hip-Hop vocals to the iconic retimed breaks of Drum 'n' Bass. Whatever your stretching needs, we've got it covered, with a whole host of tutorials, a comprehensive gear guide and insight from the artists and developers behind those iconic sounds.

Regular readers will notice we've made a few changes to FM this issue, adding a batch of new features and expanded tutorials. Grab the issue now to check out our new video-led artist feature, The Track, and the first edition of FM's new monthly modular synthesis column. As ever we've a whole host of videos, audio examples, tutorial files and samples waiting for you too.

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Warp & Stretch - From pristine re-pitching to retro effects; the past, present and future of time-stretching

Noise Techniques - Add texture, excitement and bite to your sounds with a bit of creatively used noise

The Essential Guide To Kick Drums - From layering to tuning, compression, limiting, mixing and more. Everything you need to know about creating kicks

Producer's Guide To... Dave Smith Pro-2 - We show you how to craft vintage bass, analogue-style leads, polyphonic pads and more with Dave Smith's stunning new synth


Deetron - We visit the Swiss Techno icon in his Zurich studio to talk influences, synths and the lost art of beat-matching

Soul Clap - We talk gear and production with Boston's modern Funk masters

The Track: Sam Binga - In our brand new feature, we take an in-depth look at the Bristol-based producer's new track TekNuhChat, on video and in the mag

Classic Album - The Irresistible Force aka Mixmaster Morris on the creation of ambient masterpiece Flying High


  • Moog Sub 37
  • Korg Volca sample
  • Native Instruments Komplete 10
  • iZotope RX4
  • M-Audio M3-8 monitors
  • Thermionic Culture The Rooster 2
  • JZ HH1 mic
  • And more...

Modular monthly

In the first edition of our brand new modular synthesis column we test out Intellijel's Roland-inspired synth Atlantis and explore the funk-friendly capabilities of the Metropolis sequencer


Piezo Fun - Contact-mic crazy FX aplenty. Get experimental!

Dub Drums - Classic delays and reverb soaked percussion hits

Trance Tools - All the euphoric pads and leads you need to create timeless Trance

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