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We love it when gear makers shoot for the moon. Sure, we're all for ever-cheaper hardware and software; take the minor miracles that are the Korg Volcas. But it gives us a warm glow to know that Dave Smith Instruments have pushed out all the stops and delivered a keyboard that the man himself describes as "My best synth yet". 12 voices, analogue and digital both given free rein to do what they're good at, and packaged up in a way that's crying out to be tweaked… Don't miss our exclusive review and hear it for yourself with the audio examples included with the mag.

Future music issue 270

Future music issue 270

Sticking with reviews, Apple's Logic Pro X lands with a thump, being heavy on features yet light on the wallet. At £139 it's a no brainer, surely? Get our rundown of the new features, complete with video.

This month we get In The Studio With a pair of arch inspirations. We've the sound of the moment from much-in-demand DJ and remixer Stefano Ritteri (formerly known as Solo), and off-the-wall experimentation from man of the moment, Jon Hopkins.

Finally, don't miss our great Ultimate Guide To Vocals and Atmospheric Layering features. Complete with audio, examples of course. We hope you like. Cheers!

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