Holy Mother-32 of Moog: company launches standalone and Eurorack synth

On the day that Moog has announced that it's discontinuing the Voyager, the North Carolinian synth maker has released a new product called the Mother-32.

The new synth is another 'affordable' unit from Moog, following on from the Werkstatt-Ø1. However, there'll be no building required for this mutha.

It's a semi-modular, single Moog voiced synth with sequencer, but best of all, it comes as a standalone unit and/or Eurorack module. No wonder Moog sees this instrument as a gateway drug for Eurorack synthesists.

The Mother-32 has launched with a plethora of racking options, including rack ears for up to three modules. Other accessories include a gig bag, unpowered Eurorack cases and patch cable sets.

Key features of the Mother-32 are:

  • Semi-modular
  • Single Moog oscillator
  • High/Low pass filter
  • Wide-range LFO (up to 600Hz)
  • Audio input
  • Two voltage-controlled mixers
  • ASR envelope generator
  • 32 Patch Points.
  • Standalone by default, patch cables and power supply included. Also Eurorack-able (requires only modest Eurorack power).
  • Analogue gate or MIDI clockable 32 step sequencer with 64 memories
  • MIDI to CV converter
  • Up to three units can be stacked together with bespoke rack kits

Mother-32 should be available around mid-November at the RRP of £509. We hope to get our hands on one very soon, when we'll tell you much more about it.

Pricing options:

  • Mother-32 - RRP £509 inc VAT / SSP £499 inc VAT
  • 2-tier rack ear kit - RRP/SSP £49 inc VAT
  • 3-tier rack ear kit - RRP/SSP £59 inc VAT
  • 12" 60HP unpowered empty case - ​RRP/SSP: £74.99 inc VAT
  • 17" 104HP unpowered empty case - ​RRP/SSP: £89.99 inc VAT
  • Mother gig bag - ​RRP/SSP: £72.99 inc VAT
  • 6" patch cable set of 5 - ​RRP/SSP: £11.99 inc VAT
  • 12" patch cable set of 5 - ​RRP/SSP: £11.99 inc VAT
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